Everyday I Write the Book
Everyday I Write the Book

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I'm magic-kisses, I enjoy reading, writing and watching movies.
Curling up on the couch with a cup of tea and a good movie or book is what I'd rather be doing. Thanks for stopping by!

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    my favorite part of concerts is when the band plays a song everyone knows so everyone’s singing along all out of tune but then the singer stops singing and they point the mic at the crowd and u just hear everyone in the crowd singing the words to the music and u see the smiles on the band members’ faces bc they know people care about their music and everyone’s just so happy who cares about anything else

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    my little cousin got bit by a house spider and she was crying so i went to get some stuff to soothe and numb it but before i could even walk out the door i heard her quietly whisper ‘i can’t handle the responsibility of being spiderman’

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molly baby || acnl 

A doodle of Mor. She’s such a cutie.

There are designer grapes that taste just like cotton candy.  Source


    I don’t think Beyonce is that great .  …